December 20, 2010

I write to you this morning inspired by a proven work ethic that has captured my attention because of its simplicity and effectiveness. NFL fans will know about the New England Patriots and how they’ve had tremendous success over the past decade or so by winning 3 super bowls since 2002. Although talent and the right personnel will help any team succeed, it’s their work ethic and mindset that propels this team to its success. You see they believe that each individual has an important place in their system. Their philosophy is for each player to focus on what they are doing and not on what anyone else is doing. Just inside the Patriots facility hangs a sign that says “WHEN YOU COME HERE, DO YOUR JOB.” A simple but powerful reminder to do what is asked of you and to do it well.

There are many ways to apply this simple message to our daily lives. For example, how many days do you wake up in the morning feeling tired and not ready for work? Or how many days are you just not as inspired as usual to perform your given tasks? How many times have you wanted to “coast” until the end of the day and try again tomorrow? It’s happened to all of us at one point or another, but winning requires work, and the less you work, the less likely you are to win.

So when those feelings start to creep in, just remember that you have a job to do, whatever that may be. “DO YOUR JOB” and you will start to see that you will take pride in whatever you do. Success is attracted to a good work ethic. Just ask the New England Patriots of the NFL. They have the championship rings to prove it.

Make it a great Monday,

Gabriel Lorie (Certified Performance Coach)

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