It’s great to have a plan and execute it to the tee, but sometimes, like many things in life, things don’t go exactly as planned. It’s important to stick with your plan as much as possible but it is equally important to understand that making adjustments along the way can be vital to getting to your desired outcome. This is not to say that you should expect to alter your plans when designing whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, but rather it is the ability to adapt to your surroundings and circumstances. Keeping that in mind, may just save you time and heartache in the future.

However under no circumstances does this mean it is ok to just abandon ship. Stick to it. Especially when things are not looking so good. That is the time when the most effort is needed and more than likely you will be rewarded for your effort.

The seeds you sow today, will be what you harvest tomorrow.

What adjustments could you make today that would help you reach your goal(s)?

Make it a great Monday.

Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach

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