Learn to Let Go…

Post by: Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach

August 25, 2010

At times throughout our lives we have moments of regret and feel like things could have worked out better if we had just done something differently. Sometimes even hanging on to past failures and dwelling on them for far too long. This type of mindset is dangerous because it denies us the ability to  grow & learn from our mistakes by moving forward. It’s difficult to move forward if you’re always looking backwards right? If we keep in mind that we are only human and life is a lesson by trial and error, we will understand that in order to grow one must have an experience or experiences to grow from. No one is perfect and I challenge anyone to give me an example of a successful person that hasn’t made a mistake or have any regrets in life. There’s always something you can look back on and say “what if I had done this or that differently?” “How might have things turned out?”

You can’t really change what happened yesterday, but you can certainly make sure tomorrow doesn’t have the same ending. The past does not equal the future. Every day we are given the opportunity to start fresh.

Stay focused on whatever you do and don’t dwell in the things you cannot change. Learn from past failures and mistakes, and keep an open mind about it.  Focus your efforts on making sure tomorrow is a better day.

“A mistake is only a mistake, if you didn’t learn from it.”

Make it a great Wednesday.

Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach



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