How to Use Fight or Flight in Everyday Life

It’s pretty much common knowledge nowadays that fight or flight is our primal response to stress in life or death situations. We usually respond by either staying and fighting or going in the opposite direction (flight). This basic human response manifests itself when we are faced with life and death circumstances, but we experience a similar choice when we’re faced with less threatening situations in our daily lives. When we have an obstacle in the way of getting what we want out of life we also have the choice to stay and fight or choose not to deal with it and flee. When we are confronted with relationship struggles, family troubles, work/career troubles, etc. we also have the choice to stay and fight or flee. It’s just a matter of how important it is to you to stay and fight. If you keep this mindset in your daily life and in the choices you make, you will discover that the choices we make, pave the way for the life you will live in the future.

Where we are today is a product of the choices we made yesterday. Remember that, and you will recognize the impact of your choices the next time you’re confronted with an obstacle in your life.

Make it a great Monday.

Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach

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