The Truth About Fear…

It’s only natural as human beings to experience fear but when you break it down to its core you will discover there is really nothing to fear.  F.E.A.R. has often been referred to as False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s what we condition our minds to believe that creates the very real fear we experience. When we experience fear our whole body changes from the inside out. Notice that the nerves start to rattle your stomach, and you may even start to sweat. Your mind starts racing and begins to experience something that probably hasn’t even happened yet but it sure does feel real. These are all emotions and reactions that started with a single thought. Fear. The best way to combat fear is to do the things you fear most and conquer them. I personally have had a fear of heights and of falling. So what did I do to face that fear you ask? Stood near the edge of the Grand Canyon’s West rim which is infamous for (among other things) not having any guard rails. There I was standing 4,000 + feet above sea level looking at the mighty Colorado river which looked more like a gentle stream at that height. Was it terrifying? Yes. But instead of focusing on that emotion, I instead, focused on what beauty I was surrounded by and decided what better place to meditate than at the top of the Grand Canyon! What happened as a result? Well every time that I feel that fear trying to creep back in my mind, I remind myself of the Grand Canyon and what I conquered that day. I also remind myself that the fear I felt wasn’t allowing me to enjoy the beauty that surrounded me. The truth is it was always False Evidence Appearing Real. There was never anything to fear but the perceived fear that I had implanted in my mind.

Make it a great Friday.

Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach

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