We are who we hang out with…

The old saying is “if you want to soar with the eagles, you can’t scratch with the turkeys”.  This is especially true if you have plans to amount to great successes in life. Hanging out with the wrong crowd can have its consequences and ultimately lead you on a direct path to nowhere. However, surrounding yourself with people that are or want to be successful is one of the major steps to success. By surrounding yourself with high achievers, you will have the positive influence needed to constantly challenge yourself when the inevitable “bumps in the road” start to roll in. It is no secret that success and positive energy are both contagious. So is negative energy and negative people. Negative people are similar to a contagious disease. Stay away! Instead surround yourself with positive influences and continue to challenge yourself day in and day out. That is a major step toward the success you seek.

Always remember that a negative thought has never produced a positive result and vice versa.

Have a great Wednesday.

Gabriel Lorie

Certified Performance Coach



P.S. For top notch coaching, motivation, and tips contact me directly at gabriel@fixtheknot.com

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